This Upward Curve EP

by Will Dixon

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Here is an advert for this EP:

This EP marks what is hopefully a significant step up in quality from my previous releases, and in many ways, I consider this to be my first 'proper' EP.

All songs on "This Upward Curve" were written by Will Dixon, and produced by Tom Milsom, with additional help from Ed Blann.

Album artwork by Joe Bezer:


released April 13, 2012

Written by Will Dixon, Produced by Tom Milsom.

Vocals, Guitars, Bass: Will Dixon.
Percussion, Additional backing vocals: Tom Milsom.
Additional backing vocals: Ed Blann.




Will Dixon UK

Will Dixon is an acoustic rock singer-songwriter based in southeast London. Taking influence from bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, and Biffy Clyro, Will aims to combine the energy of rock with the intimacy of acoustic music. He’s currently active on the London open mic circuit, performing both as a solo act, and with a live band. ... more

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Track Name: Shingle Street
This could be the final time you see me,
If you don’t mind let’s make the most of all this empathy,
Call me a coward please, it’s plain to see that now I’m back on Shingle Street,
I’m rolling over all the rocks and back onto my feet,
Call me a waste of your time, please just draw a line,
In the sand that I could be if you just crushed me with a lie,
I was skipping on the surface of where I shouldn’t be,
With a single swing of your arm you threw me at the sea,
But we are on a curve it’s one that runs through all our nerves,
And it always brings us closer to what each of us deserves,
Tell me that I hurt you, tell me there was pain,
So that my return to Shingle Street doesn’t have to be in vain, no!

We were there,
We should know,
Who we were,
We should know,
We were fine,
We were alone,
We didn’t care,
We should know,

I see the sun barely moves when I’m gone,
It tried to take its time so it could keep my shadow long,
Slowly I’ll be sorted with the smaller stones below,
It’s all that I can do to simply sit here and erode,
And when I reach the bottom and I’m nothing more than sand,
I’ll remind the other grains that they are still part of the land,
So justify your choices and then throw them all away,
And build yourself a wall so you can give yourself some space,
Now I’m thinking of the insults I’m sure I could have earned,
And wondering if anything at all has to be learned, no!
Track Name: Mad As You Can
Pretty pity, you’re not a master key,
Pretty, pity, another pistol spree,
Re-apply, teary eye, find another place to dry,
Pretty, pity, all the same that you know why,

You’ve begun now move on,
There’s nothing past the start,
Just pulling at the seams,
In the quarries of their hearts,
Stay resolved, keep control,
Justified and sound,
Be as mad as you can,
No one can catch you now,

Eager, eater, have you got no time to spare?
Eager, eater, have your fill no one will care,
I came here for change but this is just more of the same,
Eager, cheater, all the same that you will fare,
Track Name: The Field of Our Design
Lie, lie with me,
In the field of our design,
Eye to eye with these,
Shapes that we draw in the sky,
Steal away this truth,
Go and plant its tiny seeds,
Peel away the fruit,
And eat it how its meant to be,

Such a long time to wait and,
Such a long way to fly,
Have to say I'll be late but,
Nothing has changed.
Nothing has changed!

Lay, lay waste to these,
These walls of what might never be,
They must first be seen,
Break them with our certainty,
Sound, make some sound,
Ensure that every brick will hear,
Found, and broken down,
The walls will shake and disappear,

This could be our other way!
This could be our other way!
This could be our other way!
This could be!
Track Name: Speaking In Code
They will never guess what we got,
I will never tell,
We’re a step ahead- it’s not that far,
But it’s a step ahead,
Because we’re speaking in code,
There’s a long line, it can wait,
It’s a long line,
What about the time? Is it late?
Well it’s about time,
Because we’re speaking in code,
And we still have things to show,

There’s a thousand eyes on a word,
Wannabe your eyes,
We are gonna ride this upward curve,
Never gonna slide,
Because we’re speaking in code,
There’s an ocean on our backs,
Keeping things slow,
Feel the motion and don’t hold back,
We're still in motion,
Because we’re speaking in code,
And we still have things to show,

And when we’re forced to move this slow,
Full of words so apropos,
When it helps to speak in code,
Then we will speak in code,

I know, I know...